It is the sign of respect and admiration for a person

What is it?


It is a company which began its activity in the middle of 2013, to meet a need until then little used and sometimes forgotten, that provided a dignified and legal end to the ashes of the deceased who decide that their remains are not in cemeteries.

Its founder


Created this company in order to help families who have chosen this option, providing quality service and means to give farewell to their relatives, managing permissions and putting at their disposal the means which make it a special time, personalized, intimate, fulfilling requests of those who we said goodbye to and with media such as luxury sailboats, helicopters, drones,… etc., anywhere in the world.

What do we do?


It organizes and coordinates the tributes to life and farewell, necessary to satisfy requests from clients that have already decided it so, or at the request of their families.



The laws of each place and of course the request of our customers. The services are offered to families, professional groups, institutions, etc., for which we have the experience and professionalism of experts, to make everything as they thought and imagined. Our job is to fulfill the requests of our customers and our goal is the quality of service.
To perform the various services, Yatri can provide ecological urns, biodegradable, jewelry and other items that comply with health and environmental regulations.

Our service is still cheaper than the average cost of a funeral, making it more affordable and a single decision forever

What can you do with the ashes and all internal parts?

  • Can you spread ashes anywhere?

    While there are laws governing the proper disposal of human remains for the good of the public health once cremated, some individual places require to obtain specific permits before the ashes are scattered.

  • Government-controlled properties

    There are States and national parks that do allow the dispersion of ashes. In some of them, a representative of the site will give instructions on all appropriate steps that should be taken into account. This usually includes the application and payment of a special permit. Only when the permission has been obtained, ashes can be scattered. This process requires considerable planning.

  • Scattering on the Sea

    Despite the fact that scattering ashes at sea is an option, there is a specification that you must comply with. It is required that all ashes be scattered or deposited in the water in salt and biodegradable urns, at least 5 nautical miles (8,047 km) away from the earth. Some choose to spread them in one place, while others prefer to do it in a wider space. YATRI offers this service worldwide, a memorial service in which the family gathers to bid farewell to their loved ones. Yatri is also responsible for examining the permits and for booking what will be involved in this memorial service and tribute, while having the opportunity to meet the request of the person to dismiss.

  • Other options

    Spreading in the air, by plane or helicopter, are also options that are allowed. The spreading of the ashes of a loved one by air is an affordable option that many choose as demand for cremation grows. Aerial dispersion offers closure to families who are ready to take the final step in the grieving process. For some, the release of ashes into the sky from a helicopter or an airplane is a symbol of man’s desire to be free.

    When the ashes are dispersed in a special place, the family observes a permanent image that stays in their memory. This is more permanent if the event is recorded at the time. Some families choose to keep, before scattering the ashes, a small portion of the ashes in a jewel that will carry with them forever. In YATRI all permits are managed, and once processed and granted, they organize the scattering and memorial service, in coordination with the family.

    To disperse the ashes in a cemetery, you need a special permit and a record that must be processed. Generally, there are designated areas for burial or ash dispersion.

  • Private property

    When you want to scatter ashes on private property, you must first obtain permission from the property in writing. If permission is granted, the ashes can be dispersed according to the instructions of the permission. If permission is not granted, the ashes should not be scattered on the property.