Yatri in death is the future

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Life is a matter of homage

When we started this project, we knew that we were going to meet people of all kinds with projects of all types, but we do not keep from surprising us! On our journey, we had the pleasure to meet Juan Antonio Gónzalez, CEO of Yatri.

What is Yatri? You may ask. We made the same question, so we decided to move to the European Institute of Entrepreneurship, that kindly gave us their facilities, so tell us all the details about this company that carries out, as he states, “tributes to the life” of those loved ones who are no longer among us.

For Yatri, when a loved person dies, the best thing we can do is manage that their memory remains, making sure that the person is to be remembered not at the painful moment of loss, but referring to his life. Honouring his life.

These tributes are of many types. As many types as people in the world. But for Yatri it is not a problem, since they have international mobility and carry out from a scattering of ashes by helicopter, to even in a catamaran. Anywhere on the globe. For that they make available to the family all the necessary logistics (travel, drivers, necessary material) to be the only important thing that day for the tribute to the person who is not with them anymore.

The entire team of “The death is the future” project was delighted. So they were with entrepreneur Juan Antonio, who carried it out. Because you already know: “Just dies who is forgotten”.