This is a service that includes the collection of the bodily remains, the disposition of all relevant documents, liaison with the necessary authorities and the delivery to a chosen address. We also take care of all the necessary arrangements ir order to you to transport the bodily remains by yourself.

Our experience and lasting partnerships with airlines, aid agencies, crematoriums and institutions around the world, allow us to help you in all matters concerning the cremation and the repatriation of the ashes.  


This service includes the removal of the deceased from the funeral home / hospital, embalming, the supply of a zinc-lined coffin (suitable for international transport), flight and cargo management, transport to airport, the liaison with all the authorities and the acquisition of all the certificates and documents required for the transport of human remains by airway. This service also offers delivery to a destination airport and requires that the family of the deceased make the necessary arrangements so that a Funeral director pick up the remains of the destination airport. We work in close collaboration with assistance agencies, airlines and governmental authorities of several countries in order to provide a fast and quality repatriation service to any destination on the planet.


(By Air or by road) This service includes the removal of the deceased from the funeral home / hospital, the provision of a zinc-lined coffin (for transportation only), the liaison with all authorities and the acquisition of all documents and certificates necessary for the transportation of the person deceased. This is a door-to-door service and the delivery is made directly to the address of the recipient in the country of destination.