Origins of the cremation

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The general thinking is that the cremation has its origin in Asia, spreading from there to Europe in the march of peoples towards the West. From here most of the research focuses around 3,000 b.c. in areas of Eastern Europe.

There is evidence of ceramic urns found in Western Russia and other Slavic peoples towards the end of the Stone Age in Europe. Between 2,500-1,000 b.c. it expands towards the British Islands and the area which today corresponds to Spain and Portugal. We also know of crematoria in Hungary and Ireland, spreading to Northern Europe.

In the majority of Asian countries it has continued to be the form of usual burial through ancestral techniques and beautiful ceremonies that show a greater understanding of the phenomenon of death and a greater connection with those who leave this world.

In the West, following the emergence of associations for the defense of this practice, the number of followers looking for cremation has gone to increase. They consider it an increasingly popular alternative and put forward the dignity and respect for the deceased and their families.