Cost and environmental benefit of the cremations

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-For some, cremation is preferable for environmental reasons. The inhumation or burial is source of certain environmental contaminants. Embalming solutions can contaminate underground water with mercury, arsenic and formaldehyde. The coffins themselves can also contaminate. Other pollutant source is the presence of radioisotopes that are in the corpse due among other things to radiotherapy to treat cancer, victim of which the deceased passed away.
-Among other emissions persistent organic pollutants indicate that the cremation contributes 0.2% in the global emission of dioxins and furans.
-The current demographic trends take Spain to lose one-tenth of the population in 40 years.
-From 2018 there will be more deaths than births
-Approximately; the number of births in 2021 will be 20% less than in 2012. Data in terms of births will not recover until 2030. This evolution of the number of births will occur despite the fact that fertility maintained the trend slightly favorable to the last decade, which would lead to the average number of children per woman to 1, 51 in 20 years and 1, 56 in 40, the 1, 36 in 2011.