Yatri is presented as new funeral business concept

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Yatri is the name of the company that has created a new concept of funeral business, which provides
a personalized service tailored to the customer, from the act of incineration until the transfer of the
ashes to the chosen venue, along with the relatives, and the celebration of the ceremony they wish.
It makes available to customers the transport means they request (sailboats or catamarans,
helicopters, vehicles with driver, etc), environment friendly urns, and the management of all procedures and permissions required in the process and everything they need. “In each and every one of the steps that Yatri has taken to make this company successful, it has been taken into account the legality, the quality of the service, the originality and the exception to offer to each customer whatever is imagined, so that they can remember they loved one in the most possible pleasant way “, he details.
The objective is to offer exclusivity through a process based on the attention to detail. “Yatri is not an elite service, but is perfectly affordable for anyone, because it can be contracted through the insurance companies or the funeral services, in addition to individual level”, he adds.
Source: http://bit.ly/11R2TWS