A funeral service by land, sea and air

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“We offer an innovative and unique on the market”, says this company that was founded with the aim of providing a comprehensive service that includes the process after incineration, both the transfer of the ashes to the venue chosen by the family members and the celebration of a ceremony ‘a la carte’.
Yatri, ‘Hindi’ language, means via road, pilgrimage,… It symbolizes, therefore, the last voyage of the deceased, his/her last will. A posthumous tribute to missing people in the place they wanted as a last wish or chosen by their families. Yatri ensures to be able to adapt to any proposal for burial: “regardless of where; at the foot of Annapurna, in the Atlantic Ocean or flying over a forest where they used to walk. The client puts the limit”.
To this end, the company has the necessary means of transport (sailboats or catamarans, helicopters, vehicles with driver…), as well as environment friendly urns that can be deposited in natural environments and, above all, the control of procedures and permissions to carry out that process.
The service provided by Yatri is essentially offered as a personalized service through a prior study of the needs and wishes of the family, Depending on the wishes of the deceased or, in its absence, on their own beliefs. Thus, a ceremony is made in line with these requests.
The company says that its service is not for minorities but for the public in general: “it is not an elitist service; it is affordable for any family”. In fact its cost in relation to what the service offers to family members really surprises. Also take into consideration that the service can be contracted through insurance companies or just directly from Yatri”

A process cared to detail

Environment friendly urns: elaborated with sand or salt pressed to be diluted in the sea; or with seeds to give life to a tree at the place where they are buried.
Transportation with driver: to move the urn and the family to the place of beginning of the tribute journey.
Air means: helicopters, small planes of up to 6 guests and jets with the permissions required in terms of transporting goods and passengers.
Boats: sailboats of 10 a14 meters in length, with a capacity of up to 16 people, captain included. You can also hire catamarans.
Proceedings: permits and authorizations according to the legislation in force.
Complementary services: psychological support, catering, live music, etc.
Special services or VIP (at customer’s request).
Certificate with date, time and coordinates of the exact point where ashes have been buried or scattered the.

Source: Revista funeral home