Yatri, how to convert a taboo subject ina business pioneer

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Lucia Martin. To make easy the hardest thing, this Spanish company is engaged to perform, all lovingly, the last wishes of the deceased, as varied as they may be.

In the beautiful Japanese film Departures, its director undertook a taboo subject in Japan: death and the professionals who work around it. The truth is that death is not an issue which is easily discussed, so imagine what it can mean to launch a business associated with it.


For this reason and for its original approach, the activity of this Spanish company stands out, Yatri, meaning in Hindi language via, route, and that is dedicated to organizing the last wishes of the deceased, whatever they are because the limits are set by the customers themselves. Transfer of ashes, celebration of ceremonies, tributes… Juan Antonio González, businessman from Burgos, put on the market an innovative service to make easier a difficult… As they defend, Yatri is not a service only for a few, it is for everyone, and it can be hired through the insurance company, from the funeral home or directly through the company.

What does this company do? Among other things, environment friendly urns, air means (helicopters, planes small…), boats (sailboats, catamarans…), proceedings, complementary services (catering, musicians, psychological support…), special services or Vip, etc.

The company was launched this year and offers its services, for the time being, anywhere in Spain and Portugal. “I funded it with own resources and count with the participation of approximately sixty professionals,” says the founder. How is the acceptance of your business? “It has exceeded my expectations, both insurance companies and the companies in the sector consider Yatri  to be imaginative and are surprised by the prices, because they imagined it to be more expensive”, Juan Antonio says.

In the month and a half months of life , it has already made four services: by helicopter, private jet and catamaran. The price? Obviously it depends on what is requested for that day and the province where it takes place, but for example a tribute act with five assistants, a vehicle with chauffeur, catamaran, support of a psychologist, flower petals and an urn of salt costs 1,050 euros.

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