Laws about scattering cremated humans remains in Florida (USA)

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Today many people are opting for cremation as an option after his death. Some feel that it is more ethical and environmental, while others are simply not comfortable with the idea of a burial ceremony. After the cremation, the person in charge of the funeral services must decide what to do with the ashes. In the State of Florida, scattering ashes in a place that the deceased loved is an option. However, checking the restrictions is advisable.

From 2011, Florida does not have laws that prohibit the scattering of human remains. The owners can spread the ashes in their own land as they want. If the land is leased, to obtain the permission of the owner is recommended, according to the Florida Division of Cemetery and Funeral Services. It is also possible for the ashes to be spread in the State of Florida and the national parks. However, you must obtain the permission of the head of Park.

Ashes spreading in water is allowed, but with some restrictions. The Florida Division of Cemetery and Funeral Services says that the scattering of the cremated remains in Florida freshwater flows is not permitted. If the water body is within a Florida State or national park, the spread of ashes is allowed with the permission of the head of Park. Burials at sea are also allowed, but must comply with the requirement of three nautical miles offshore, as established by the US Navy and the Coast Guard.