“Yatri is not providing services only in Spain, but in any part of the world”

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Article from the website “revistafuneraria.com

“When man returns to its origin, in the end it rests”. With this phrase, Yatri presents its philosophy of service on the website of the company (www.yatri.es), a firm whose purpose is to provide a posthumous tribute to persons killed and incinerated, by aircraft or sail boats, in the place chosen in last wills or at the express wish of the family.

The company is created in the first quarter of 2013, although it does not begin its activity until June that year, as confirmed by its general director, who assures us that the service offered by Yatri is innovative, unique and exclusive, not only in our country but around the world. Then Gonzalez Angulo reveals more details about this unique initiative, in which it is possible to even record the coordinates of the place where ashes were scattered, as proved by a certificate issued by Yatri later on.

Under which fundamental pillars is the company managed when providing scattering services and deliveries of ashes from cremation?

Our services are based on four basic principles: respect, the seriousness of the occasion, professionalism and quality of service, putting upfront the requests of the family, the coordination of each one of the steps in all cases and seeking excellence in service. For example, we care much about transportation safety, taking into account weather conditions, leaving to postponement when these are adverse. However, if the customer wants to make a change of dates they get back up to 50% of the amount contracted,  until a new the date of service is agreed.

How can the service offered by Yatri be contracted?
It is possible to hire our services, from funeral insurance policies or through the funeral companies themselves. We also offer the possibility to contact our company directly via email presupuesto@yatri.es, when it is required to hire more specialized services.