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Four ideas for which there is no crisis

Just a month and a half ago, Juan Antonio González, former banking employee and entrepreneur from Madrid, received a call from the Department of Protocol of the Mexican Government. They wanted advice from his company, Yatri, created a year ago. «It is the only company that offers that service in the world», explains González, the promoter of a peculiar business: he offers posthumous tributes to the families of persons deceased and incinerated, scattering the ashes with aircrafts and boats «anywhere in the world».

“They wanted advice in order to offer Gabriel García Márquez family the means to accomplish his will. That was that his ashes were in Colombia and Mexico. «I advised them to place the ashes in an environment friendly urn in a long-standing tree of every country… in the end I do not know if they did it», explains the entrepreneur, which not claimed for services but established important contacts for his business that, given its uniqueness, has potential customers around the world.

Amid the crisis, business idea occurred to Gonzalez a day on the beach, when he saw an aircraft deliver advertising from the air. Now, his company offers civil, or religious celebrations with music and without music, and with different variants, such as psychological accompaniment and catering, all to taste «of the family».

In its short life, he has already offered 46 services, the most expensive in Egypt, to a family that moved from Malaga in a private jet to then take a jeep and spread out in the dunes near the pyramids the ashes of a deceased family member. All managed by the company. The cost was 42.600 euros.

His experience as a businessman surprised yesterday even the Minister of employment of the community of Madrid, Ana Isabel Mariño, who knew Martinez project and other 19 bright business ideas that are driving in the Centre of entrepreneurs of Getafe, where these entrepreneurs are receiving counseling and tutoring.

Among other aspects they learn the “Lean Start up”, a method of validation of business models which consists of «the search of how to make more innovative products, how to grow or be more profitable», explains Eva Martin, Manager of the company Kinrel, Biotech Project Management, also in the elite of entrepreneurs. This firm is dedicated to promoting research in different sectors. «We try to know if certain investigations are a real need of the society, knowing the market, legislation and studying the approximate sales that may have the product», says consultant.

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