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A company dedicated to posthumous tributes is born

The last goodbye to a person, to pay tribute to a loved one, or to meet the last wills, are some of the services offered by this company dedicated to posthumous tributes and any service which intends, within the law, to say goodbye to a family member or friend who just passed away. Today we speak with Juan Antonio González, director general of Yatri, to find out, first hand, how the idea to start a business of this nature began.

When was Yatri born? Who came up with this idea?

The idea of YATRI arises in the summer of 2012, but does not start until June 2013. This idea comes up while walking along the beach, I saw a plane that was pulling advertising and I thought: is there someone who scatters the ashes from the air of our loved ones? I started researching and seeing that no one in the world carried out this activity, it occurred to supplement this with the ashes in the sea.

If during our life we share moments with people we like, admire, why not devote that well-deserved living tribute? So YATRI offers its customers the necessary means and the professional staff to make these moments, something unforgettable and, above all, special and custom, to give our last goodbye to family and friends we loved in life.

This is a sensitive area, why a company devoted to posthumous tributes? Why do you decide to undertake a company of this kind?

It is precisely because being a sensitive and traditional sector that I decide to create YATRI, to break with pain and to mix history, tradition, culture and religion, and, thereby, to generate a deconstruction of what we know and how we live funerals and death in general.
YATRI, is, without losing the respect of the moment, offering attendees a solution or alternative, different, unique, eco, more economical than conventional services, and above all, definitive, since there is no need to open the purse every now and then to maintain these graves, columbarium, niches, etc.
All of us, when we have moments as painful as the loss of a loved one, think of them, in their past, their experiences, their friends, anecdotes, and a bunch of memories that come at that time. Why not a posthumous tribute?, what better way to keep in our memories and in our hearts a few moments more beautiful, less painful and to put at the disposal of the participants, those media, elegant, luxurious, and even desired by the honorees, at prices accessible to everyone?
A different, personalized, professional and definitive way to give our final farewell to those we want and to keep the most beautiful memory of how they were in life, and how important they were in our hearts.


What services do you offer? What makes Yatri different and special?

Services are customized, we put at the disposal of the family aircrafts, helicopters, small planes and luxury sailing yachts, and even private jets for their transport. Tributes are organized with: audiovisual, books of life, live music, mourning support, children’s entertainers, portraits in watercolor, environment friendly urns to bury with a sapling, salt urns to take the ashes to the sea, catering, travel in chauffeured vehicles, certificates of coordinates for exact location, etc., everything that is proposed will be studied in terms of feasibility and legality.

Are many people part of Yatri? Any plans to increase workforce?

Now we are three, although the forecast is to provide work for people who want to be home-based to share it with other activities or obligations. That way, they will not waste time commuting and, still, will earn a salary without neglecting other duties. They can produce proposals and adjust budgets to the needs of each client, in order to get their satisfaction in all possible aspects. By professionalizing these services we manage to cover many aspects of a balance between work and family.

What kind of clients do you have? In which geographic area do you operate?

The types of customers are two: the ones who access our services through their life insurance policy or life coverage and who request wider and more expensive services, and have a higher to develop the acts without limits to their thinking.

The boundary is determined by the customer. Globally, wherever the person wants, without limits as difficult as it may seem, only budget limits will restrain it. The professionalization of these services is what makes it different the before and after in our concept of funeral services and the manner of meeting a need that is more and more demanded every day, what to do with the ashes of the deceased, within the legal limits.